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Partnership model


Success through partnership! For the implementation and long-term success of educational projects, Scort and The Football Clubs Social Alliance rely on a close cooperation among the clubs as well as on competent local and international partners.


 Partnership with Clubs-04.2014

Structure in international projects (organisational level)


The Football Club Social Alliance - the Football Experts

The young people participating in the year-long educational programme are called Young Coaches. Their training in the respective project regions is conducted by experts of the Football Club Social Alliance. Two or three clubs cooperate in each project and provide their instructors (trainers, employees of the social departments, etc.) for the implementation of the coaching education programme.

This cooperation of experts from various clubs within a project leads to a pool of knowledge as well as a diversity of methods that directly benefit the programme.

The professional football clubs of The Football Club Social Alliance inspire young people and use their joint strength and know-how to educate them as social role models and qualified children’s football coaches.


Scort Foundation - the Project Manager and Facilitator

The Scort Foundation coordinates the cooperation among the professional football clubs of The Football Club Social Alliance and is responsible for the whole project management. Thus, the clubs are able to pass on their expertise, focusing entirely on their social commitment i.e. the coaching education programmes. Scorts support offers the opportunity to get socially engaged on an international level without any additional organisational efforts.

Scort initiates contact with sponsors and local partners and acts as facilitator between the various partners and stakeholders. Thereby, the foundation bridges the gap between professional European football and the international NGO-community. Thus, bringing club-CSR into a direct and sustainable project.


Project Partner - the Local Experts

By closely cooperating with local partners, each project is optimally adjusted to local needs and fully embedded in local structures. The main project partner, usually a football organisation or a non-governmental organisation (NGO), takes over the organisation and communication on site. Additionally, other partners, such as schools or aid organisations, select the participants of the coaching education programme and teach non-football and specific, locally relevant knowledge during the training.


Project Supporters

The help of donors and supporters is crucial for the successful and sustainable implementation of the projects. Find out more about funding opportunities and regulations. >>


„For us, it is very important to bring all these impressions we gather here in Sudan back home to our club. We have to continue and promote this project.”

Peter Quast, Instructor 04 Leverkusen in Sudan 2010.