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a Selection of press clippings



pdfSunderland AFC Website: Foundation joins international disability team (1/9/2014)

pdfQPR Website: QPR Tiger Cubs' trip to Switzerland (12/8/2014)

pdfQPR in the Community Trust: QPR in the Community Trust return to Mumbai (2/6/2014)
pdfArunava Football: Scort Foundation: Education with a Kick – QPR & Bayer Leverkusen's 3rdModule in Mumbai! (1/6/2014)
pdfQPR in the Community Trust: QPR inspiring change in India (30/5/2014)

pdfDNA India: European giants come to Mumbai (23/5/2014)



pdfFooty Matters Online: FC Basel lead Sri Lankan Young Coaches to Football Education & Reconciliation (31/10/13)

pdfStreet Football World Online: Young coaches celebrate their graduation from the Scort Foundation's education programme in Sri Lanka (18/10/13)

pdfSport and Development Online: Overcoming shyness, religious difference and the legacy of conflict in Kalmunai (14/10/13)

pdfSport and Development Online: Professional Football Clubs conduct a week long camp for youth with disabilities (28/8/13)

pdfFC Everton Community: Special Youth Camp 2013 (12/8/13)

pdfSport and Developement Online: Young Ugandan celebrate football coaching certificate (31/5/13)

pdfFIFA Online: Video of the week: European help in Uganda (9/5/13)

pdfFootball Federation of Sri Lanka: The Football Club Social Alliance (27/3/13)

pdfOne World Football: "I no longer suffer with pumps to inflate them" (22/3/13)



pdfPremier League Online: QPR announce European alliance link-up (17/12/12)

pdfQPR Match Programme: QPR join Football Club Social Alliance (15/12/12)

pdfFooty Matters Online: The FCSA: Inspiring future generations to tackle civil unrest (6/9/12)

pdfSport and Development Online: Ugandan Young Coaches establish Football Education Activities (21/6/12)

pdfSOS Children's Villages global Online: Together we inspire (30/5/12)

pdfPremier League Online: Creating Chances projects impress European clubs (25/5/12)

pdfSunday Vision Uganda: Young local coaches get skills (6/5/12)

pdfPremiere League Magazine: Scort earn their spurs in Sri Lanka (3/2/12)

pdfNew Vision Uganda: 32 schools receive Germany kit (13/1/12)



pdfSport and Development Online: Scort a CSR-Partner at the Football Forum Switzerland (13/9/11)

pdfSport and Development Online: Where boundaries vanish (1/9/11)

pdfSport and Development Online: Scort's Partner clubs and FC Barcelona cooperate for Disability Football (8/9/11)

pdfFC Barcelona Website: La Fundació, de Campus a Basilea (6/8/11)

pdfFC Barcelona Website: La Fundació, a Basilea per una causa social (27/7/11)

pdfHolcim News 2/2011: Rebuilding the Future (4/11)

pdfSport and Development Online: German Organisation ifa becomes main supporter of Palestinian Territories project (25/3/11)

pdfPremiere League Online: Spurs help to develop Sri Lankan coaches (14/2/11)

pdfPalestine News Network Online: Top football clubs unite to educate young adults in Bethlehem (8/2/11)

pdfSport and Development Online: Latest News from the Scort Foundation (4/2/11)



pdfAl Bawaba Online: Promising pilot project in Bethlehem (14/10/10)

pdfPalestine News Network Online: Top football clubs unite to educate young adults in Bethlehem (2/10/10)

pdfFootball Federation of Sri Lanka Website: Start 2nd Module (20/8/10)

pdfLanka Newspapers Online: A good initiative (22/5/10)

pdfFootball Federation of Sri Lanka Website: Kick-Off with Scort Foundation (20/5/10)

pdfSport and Development Online: Sport and Development progresses in the Middle East (16/2/10)


„We really enjoyed watching the training session of the professional players. But even better was that they joined our training sessions in the afternoon.”

Micael, Special Youth Camp participant 2009 and 2011 of FC Basel 1893.